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20 march 2014

The days grow taller and look down on me.
The snow melts and runs away, down the drain,
except where it pools on lawns and
on dammed sidewalks.
Shadier parts still carrying ice
crack under my eyes,
violent with panic, trying to find myself,
a sinking drop of ocean
landlocked, so far from home. 

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The Telestar

The writing scares me when it doesn’t come,
But then when it does, and I am honest,
I shake and tear the words with my teeth
And swallow them back down in gulps.
All I want to do is beg to be left alone.
I beg to be forgotten and anonymous.
I have cursed myself enough.

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april 5

I lay chest down
And beat my heart into the blankets
Until everything shakes
With life and love
And other things the heart makes.
The mattress pulses
Waiting for an echo that doesn’t come
And this is how it is without you. 

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morning text

I text you every morning and say I love you,
but I’m sometimes sleepy and would always rather have you beside me.
But you aren’t, and so, with my eyes half-open, I text,
"I love you."

Sometimes I get it wrong
in my half-sleep stupor
and I type instead,
"I live you."

Odd, awkward grammar,
but at the heart of it, still true. 

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When I was young I froze my ears
and they went hard as stone
and burned night and day
and now they do not.

They are soft again but
become red at the tips
and scream when the air
and the water freeze.

It does so often here
and I hear what no one says. 

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return flights

Less than a week ago I
flew over your neck of the woods
that I loved in the morning
where the hair was short and soft
where I loved to place my lips
and while I was flying
your neck of the woods turned a shoulder
at the wrong moment
and one of us needed to look away first
I stirred and I craned
and I knew I would lose. 

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no night apart

Give me your nights.

Do not defend yourself
from me, whose hands only
hold space for yours. Empty
palms. I blush and change
my voice for you, under
bitten lip and soft teeth.

Do you not understand
how I look for warmth?
Your voice gone from me
and your goodbye sudden
and I tried to do the same,
but not so easily done for

you know I love a long goodnight.

There is love on my tongue yet,
shocking and hard, like my child’s mouth
on some cold metal in the snow.
I’m stuck to my flagpole for another night. 

It sticks until I say these words
to you, at the right time when we aren’t
so tired and separated. We’ve said
goodnight and that is something

we can’t make right
until morning. 

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too many times

Climb high to my earnest mouth,
the place where I am most honourable,
where I give you each of my truest promises.
When I tell you of the plans I have
or tell you that I love you,
don’t ever think any value is lost.
I don’t know how to deceive you
or be impure towards you at all.
It’s simply that each confession
feels like the first sweet murmur.
These words, your lips taste the same.

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