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I picked up a few books in June. Now to avoid all responsibilities so I can read them!

I talked about Salwa Al Neimi’s The Proof of the Honey on my YouTube channel today! It’s all about Arab women speaking openly about sex! It’s definitely a fascinating novel. Does it sound interesting to you?


The third and final discussion of The Year of Finding Memory by Judy Fong Bates is up now! Jessica shares her thoughts and insights - a beautiful way to wrap up this month!

Have you read The Year of Finding Memory? If not, would you?

Interested in Canadian Literature? Check out the YouTube channel Hello, Hemlock, where we discuss one book a month and explore the offerings of great Canadian writers.

(Source: hello-hemlock)

Recently reviewed Lawrence Hill’s The Book of Negroes and discussed the issues of censorship that caused its title to be changed in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries. I loved this novel. Have you read it?

Creeping higher and higher up on my to-read list is this book. I’ve never read him before and it seems like I’m missing out.

Making exciting literary connections - Michael Ondaatje suggests to Alice Van Wart the compilation of Elizabeth Smart’s writing on gardening. This is my heaven.

From “Elizabeth’s Garden: Elizabeth Smart on the Art of Gardening”, edited by Alice Van Wart.

May I have five book recommendations please?

Certainly, that’s a excellent request.

"Chorus of Mushrooms" by Hiromi Goto
"As For Me and My House" by Sinclair Ross
"Anna Karenina"  by Leo Tolstoy
"Necessary Secrets: The Journals of Elizabeth Smart" by Elizabeth Smart, edited by Alice Van Wart
"The Tent" by Margaret Atwood